Broek in Waterland & Marken

Broek in waterland

In 15 minutes by bus from Amsterdam Central Station your are standing in Broek in Waterland – translated, Trousers in the land of water. By the locals lovingly called ‘Broek’. Originally it was a fishing harbour, where rich captains and shipowners bought their houses. You can still see this wealth. Thispittoresque village feels like walking in a postcard. The wooden houses are beautifully painted in all kinds of pastel coulours.

The biggest part of the centre is build before 1850. The church dates back to the 14th century. Destroyed by a fire and rebuild on the old foundations in 1628.

By boat

You can rent an whisperboat (Max. 5 persons) or a farmers boat (max. 12 persons) or a canoe at Broekerbootverhuur.


Max 24 hours in advance you can book a guided walking tour through Broek in Waterland.


Would you like coffee, a nice pancake or lunch? Stop at Restaurant De Witte Swaen, in summertime with a nice terrace. Or on wednesdays – sundays at the beautiful Broekerhuis.



Hop on to the Local Bus to Marken. It takes only 17 minutes. Marken, ‘Mereke’ called by the locals, was an island untill 1957, when it was connected with the mainland by a dike. This pittoresque and typical Dutch village is beautiful. You’ll find yourself taking pictures all the time.

One of the first things you see, when you hop off the bus, is the Wooden Shoo Factory. Head to the centre and just walk around all the small and beautiful streets. You’ll notice that some of the houses are build on poles to avoid flooding. In the church you can see the Scheepskerkjes  – ‘boatchurches’, hanging at the ceiling; so the relatives staying at home, could pray for a save return. At the Museum of Marken you can see how locals lived their in the old days. At the harbour you’ll find serveral nice restaurants and terraces. You can take The Marken-Volendam Express and look at the beautiful harbour villages from the Markermeer, the former sea Gouwzee.

The lighthouse

In circa 35 minutes you can walk to the lighthouse ‘Het paard van Marken’ – the horse of Marken – that dates back to 1700 and was part of the lighthouses that marked the route from the Wadden sea to Amsterdam.

Few people wear the traditional clothing. But at the Folkloristic fabric shop (Address: Buurt II: nr. 5) you can still buy all the beautiful fabrics of wich they are made. They have their own dialect, but nowadays few people speak it. (Unlike in Volendam where the locals speak Volendams).

ABOUT US – Local Bus


Do as the locals. You can visit the beautiful countryside of Amsterdam all by yourself with the local bus. With your day ticket for only € 10,- p.p. you can visit the famous small town harbours, UNESCO world heritage Beemster and see the unique countryside with the dikes. The busses depart from Amsterdam Central Station and you can hop on/ off where en when you want. See the beautiful tours that you can make. If you buy your ticket online, you get € 1,- discount.

dayticket adult

dayticket adult

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