Daytrip Edam – Volendam

Daytrip Edam – Volendam


Today we’re going to explore the world famous smalltown harbours. In 10 minutes by bus, the city of Amsterdam is far away and you find yourself in the middle a complete different world – the beautiful, tipical Dutch landscapes, with lots of green, cows, dikes and nice little villages.


First of to Edam


Edam is situated at the lake IJsselmeer, the former ZuiderZee. Which brought the city a lot of wealth during the 17th century. That’s one of the first things that you will notice; beautiful tiny houses, nice treets and canals and all beautifully maintained. A real pleasure just wandering this little city. Don’t forget to bring your camera! There are several shops, restaurants and nice terraces like the one from Damhotel Edam. One the well known bakeries in town is Gorter at the Achterhaven 101, were you’ll find delicious cookies to bring home.

Proveniershuisjes – pittoresque little houses

At the end of the canal Brouwersgracht, accross the church (one of the biggest in Holland, and with beautiful windows), you’ll find a pittoresque little square with garden and the ‘proveniershuisjes’ – little houses that were build in 1545 for the poor people of Edam who could live here for free.


Offcourse Edam is famous in the whole world for its little round cheeses ‘Edammertjes’. In the old days they used to weigh them in the old Weigh house, dating from 1778, at the pittorescque square Jan Nieuwenhuyzenplein. You can still visit this old Weigh house were Henri Willig, a cheesefarmer, sells different kind of cheeses. There is a permanent exhibition about cheese making. During summertime you can visit the cheesemarket and you can see how they used to weigh and sell the cheese.
(Zie de foto van de dame met kaas, beeld van de kaasdragers en het marktplein).

Some culture – The Edam Museum

This museum is one of the oldest in Holland and situated on 2 locations. At Damplein 8 at the ‘Steenen Coompanshuys’ you can visit the world famous floating cellar. As the groundwater level changes a lot. The depandance of the museum is situated in the town hall. A beautifull building where alse the local tourist office is sitiated.




The we hop on the bus to Volendam with our Local Bus dayticket. Just a 10 minutes drive from Edam. This little village is famous in the whole world. Even though many tourists visit Volendam, it’s worth going there.

The dike and the quarter Doolhof – labyrinth

When you visit Volendam don’t miss the quarter Doolhof; a real labyrinth with tiny streets and typical houses, just behind the dike. At the dike you see the real beauty of Volendam; the view on the IJsselmeer (the old Zuiderzee) and the beautiful houses. The dike is a very lively street with restaurants and bars, fish tasting shops, jewelry, and clothing.



If you need a brake, drink a coffee at the terrace of Hotel Spaander or taste the fish delicassies like herring, smoked eel, mackerel and fried fish at one of the many shops! At the famous cheesfactory Kaasfabriek Volendam they have a little museum, give demonstrations for cheese making and a beautiful shop where you can buy cheese to bring back home.

Traditional costume

In the beginning of the 1900th lot of painters came to Volendam and painted the traditional beautiful costumes, the tulip fields, the houses, etcetera. The beginning of the branding of Holland abroad. Because of it’s isolated location in the old days, and the proud inhabitants, the locals of Volendam wore the costume untill the 1960’s. Now it’s hard to find a local in costume. At the dike (the centre) at the Fotoshop Volendam you can still let a picture taken in a traditional costume.

At the juwelry shop Schilder Vlugt you can still buy the traditional Juwells with blood coral. Still a real treasure to have!

Dialect – Volendams

The locals of Volendam speak, apart from the Dutch and most of them English, Volendams – the local dialect. For Dutch people it’s impossible to understand. The city has been isolated for centuries, also because the Catholic inhabitants refused to marry Protestants from the nearby villages. So the dialect could develop.

Music – Palingsound

Volendam is also known for its distinctive music, which is called the palingsound. In the 1960’s The Cats and BZN were very popular abroad, like Jan Smit, 3J’s and Nick & Simon nowadays.


ABOUT US – Local Bus


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dayticket adult

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