De Rijp, Purmerend & Midden-Beemster

De Rijp, Purmerend & Midden-Beemster


De Rijp

In about 45 minutes by bus you arrive at this beautiful former harbour village. With the reclamation of the Beemster, De Rijp lost it’s direct connection with the Zuiderzee (now IJsselmeer). De Rijp has 147 monuments, among which a lot of houses, and is declared ‘Protected village view’. In september it’s National Monument day in Holland. Some houses will be open to the public then and you will be able to see these hidden treasures. It won’t surprise you that just wandering the streets is already a big pleasure!

You will find a few shops, a galary, Bronze sculptures by Edith Janzen and Silvia Woudt Ceramics. There are several nice restaurants like Het wapen van Munster.


In Museum in ’t houten Huis you’ll see the rich history. The poor peat ground made them in to fisherman; herring and whale. At tome ship owners, merchants, rope-makers, coopers and other craftsmen made their living with shipping.


You can rent an electric boat at Het ouwe land to discover the area, take a ‘Cruise’ on the Eilandspolder.




Hop on the Local Bus with your dayticket, change at Purmerend to head to Middenbeemster. If you have some spare time you can visit the old Koemarkt – cattle market in Purmerend, now a lively square with bars and restaurants. Purmerend has a small centre to shop. Unique is Fred’s atelier at the Breedstraat 16, where disabled people make art and, under supervision, sell it in this beautiful shop. Really nice and also very affordable.

For coffee or lunch take a brake at Brasa Bar & Kitchen. With good wheater they also have a nice terrace on the old cheesemarket and you have a view on the church Koepelkerk and the old city Hall where the Museum of Purmerend is situated.




Of to the UNESCO’s world heritage the Beemster! This unique Polder is an example of reclaimed land in the Netherlands and dates back to the 17th century. 49 mills were responsible to keep the land dry and the polder was divided according to methematical compositions; all the plots were laid out perfectly and equally. From the Local Bus you will already enjoy the beautiful countryside. Middenbeemster was the first to be build. Rich merchants built farm houses in the Beemster, and took their luxury houses in Amsterdam as inspiration. You’ll see beautifull and rich farmhouses.


The intersection forms the hart of Middenbeemster. You can see the curch, the square with the stately buildings where the cattle market was held. Everywhere you’ll see it’s rich history.

Just walk through all the little streets and discover the local beauties. In the old pastory is the Betje Wolff Museum situated, a well known writer of the 18th century. You can visit the old house and garden. At De Kosterij giftshop and lunchroom work people with disabilities. Under supervision they sell local and selfmade products.

Brasa Bar & Kitchen is a nice stop for coffee, lunch, diner. At Backery Snathe you buy the local Beemster cake.

The world famous Beemster Cheese is made in this region! Famous abroad are Bloomfeld weddingdresses.


By bike

Walking around the village you will see some of these beautiful farms. If you want to discover more of this beautiful aerea, then rent a bike at Middenbeemster. In spring time the fields are colored by all different kinds of Tulips and hyacinth.

You also stop by the pottery Ernsting in Zuidoostbeemster (15 minutes by bike). From May till September it’s possible to drink someting and eat an homemade cake in the Tea Garden at pottery Ernsting (only on friday and saturday!).


ABOUT US – Local Bus


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dayticket adult

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